Skills can be specialized once the skill reaches 3. 5 and up can have two specializations.

Specialties: Dirty Fighting, Strikes, Submission Holds, Throws, Boxing, wrestling
1 – You were picked on as a kid

2 – You participate in the occasional barroom tussle

3 – You’ve fought regularly and routinely, and generally walked away in better shape than your opponents

4 – You could’ve been a serious contender on the MMA circuit

5 – Somewhere on the Internet, there’s a video of you taking down three men in four seconds

Bow & Arrow
Specialties: Trick Shots, Speed Shooting, Precision, Heavy Weight Strings, Crossbows
1 – It was a childhood hobby

2 – You’re able to land bull’s eyes most of the time

3 – People trust you to shoot apples of their heads

4 – Robin Hood

5 – Green Arrow looks up to you

Specialties: Business, High Society, Formal Dinners, Parties,
1 – You know when to keep your mouth shut

2 – You’ve been to a black tie event or two

3 – You know you’re way around even obscure tableware

4 – Her majesty would consider you charming

5 – If the right people came to dinner you could end wars, or start them

Specialties: Lock picking, Misdirection, Pickpocketing, Safecracking, Escape, Forging Documents, Cheating, Arson
1 – You can pick a simple lock

2 – You could run a shell game hustle on the corner

3 – You can open a standard locked window from the outside

4 – You can “retool” a passport or ID card

5 – You could get into or out of a multi-national banks central vault

Martial Arts
Specialties: Defense, Offense, Counter, Initiative, Strikes, Throws, Holds
1 – Beginner

2 – Student

3 – Brown Belt

4 – Black Belt

5 – Shaolin Monk

Specialties: Disarms, One-Handed, Two-Handed, Pole arms, Riposte, Improvised Weaponry
1 – You know the right way to hold a knife

2 – You may have been in the occasional street fight

3 – You could lead a fencing team

4 – You could keep order in the Prince’s Court

5 – Your enemies would rather face a SWAT team than your blade

Specialties: Acting, Dancing, An Instrument, A Genre of Music, Singing, Comedy
1 – You could sing in a church choir

2 – Your internet videos get hundreds of thousands of views

3 – You almost always have a gig booked

4 – You have a talent to be a national sensation

5 – You are a Virtuoso without peer

Specialties: Blending in Crowds, Hiding, Shadowing, Silent Movement, Camouflage, hiding in Plain Sight, spying
1 – You can hide in a darkened room

2 – You can shadow someone from streetlight to streetlight

3 – You have little difficulty stalking targets from evening to evening

4 – You can move quietly over dry leaves

5 -You can sneak up on covert op teams

Specialties: Psychological, Razor Blades, Avoiding Accidental Deaths, flaying
1 – Bamboo under the fingernails

2 – You can adjust your technique to your specific aims

3 – You could make a mute scream

4 – Cultivator in the Torture Gardens

5 – He begins to beg for death before you even begin


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