Acute Hearing: (1 pt)
You have exceptionally sharp hearing.

Acute Vision: (1 pt)
You have exceptionally keen eyesight or Visual Sensors.

Ambidextrous: (1 pt)
You have a high degree of off-hand dexterity and can perform tasks with the ‘wrong’ hand. Can use both hands at the same time.

Barfly (1pt)
Have an easy time finding you way into bars and clubs.

Berserker: (2pt)
The Beast is in you, but you know how to direct and make use of it. You have the capacity to frenzy at will.

Black-Market Ties: (1-5pt)
You may just know how to get in time to time, or you may know how to get anything you need for the best price.

Bruiser (1)
Your appearance is sufficiently thuglike to inspire fear or at disquiet in those who see you. While you’re not necessarily per se, you do radiate a sort of quiet menace, to the point where people cross the street to avoid passing near you.

Calm Heart: (3pt)
You are naturally calm and well-composed, and do not easily fly off the handle.

Catlike balance (1pt)
All difficulties of balance-related rolls are reduced.

Charmed Existence: (5pt)
You’re protected, and you do not face the perils that others must. It could be that you are simply lucky.

Code of Honor: (1 pt)
You have a personal code of ethics to which you strictly adhere. Even when you are in frenzy, you will attempt to obey it. You can automatically resist most temptations that would bring you in conflict.

Coldly Logical (1)
While some might refer to you as a “cold fish,” you have a knack for separating factual reporting from emotional or hysterical coloration. You may or may not be emotional yourself, but you can see clearly when others are clouding the facts with their feelings.

Combat Awareness (2 pt)
+2 To any situational awareness roll

Common Sense: (1pt)
You have a significant amount of practical everyday wisdom.

Compassionate (4pt)
You are more understanding of the problems of others. You have an easier time gaining the trust of others.

Concentration: (1pt)
You have the ability to focus your mind and shut out any distractions or annoyances.

Contacts : (1pt – 5pt)

Each dot represents overall information-gathering ability, knowledge, accuracy and reliability of that Contact and any information they provide.
Contacts are not minions: they may or may not readily supply information sought.
Contacts are strictly channels through which information can be gained and serve no other purpose.

Danger Sense: (2pt)
You have a sixth sense that warns you of danger.

Daredevil: (3 pt)
You are good at taking risks, and are even better at surviving them.

Deadened Nerves (4)

Double-Jointed (1pt)
You are unusually supple. Squeezing through a tiny space is one example of a use for this Merit.

Eidetic Memory: (2pt)
You can remember things seen and heard with perfect detail.

Enchanting Voice (2pt)
There is something in your voice, that others cannot ignore.

Fast Learner: (3pt)
You learn very quickly, and pick up on new things faster than most do.

Friendly Face (1)
You have a face that reminds everyone of someone, to the point where strangers are inclined to be well-inclined towards you because of it. The effect doesn’t fade if you explain the “mistake”. This merit only functions on a first meeting.

Guardian Angel: (6pt)
Someone or something watches over you and protects you from harm. You have no idea who or what it is, but you have an idea that someone is looking out for you. In times of great need you may be protected. However, one can never count upon a guardian angel.

Harmless (1)
Everyone in the city knows you, and knows that you’re no threat to their plans. While that sort of estimation may seen insulting, it’s also what’s kept you from being killed. No one considers you worth the time to deal with, and that low opinion keeps you safe. If you start acting in a way that demonstrates that you are no longer harmless, others’ reactions to you will likely change as a result.

Huge Size (4pt)
You are abnormally large in size, possibly over seven feet tall and 400 pounds in weight. Able to suffer more harm before you are incapacitated.

Jack-Of-All-Trades: (5 pt)
You have a large pool of miscellaneous skills and knowledge obtained through your extensive travels, the jobs you’ve held, or just all-around know-how.

Misplaced Heart (2pt)
Your heart has actually moved within your body, though no more than two feet from its original position near the middle of your chest.

Nine Lives (6)
Fate has granted you the opportunity to come as close to Final Death as anyone can get get and still survive.

Pain Tolerance (2pt)
Maybe you’ve deadened your nerves through Vicissitude. Maybe you’re a tough bastard. Maybe it turns you on.

Pitiable: (1 pt)
There is something about you that others pity. This causes them to care for you as if you were a Child. Some Natures will not be affected by this Merit (Autocrat, Deviant, Fanatic, Sycophant), and some Demeanors may pretend they are not. You need to decide what it is about you that attracts such pity, and how much (or how little) you like it.

Precocious (3)
You learn quickly. The time for you to pick up a particular Ability (or Abilities) is cut.

Reptile Buddy (3)
Yes, those legends about albino alligators in the sewers really are true. You’ve been nursing a few of them with your vitae in the local spawning pool for years. Your careful breeding and vigilant training has produced a reptilian slave of exceptional intelligence. It has a mind as sharp as that as a five-year-old child and teeth as keen as butcher knives. The beast can understand your native language perfectly and can even follow complex directions. It is a highly efficient killing machine fully capable of patrolling your domain with ruthless efficiency. Reptile buddies also love to play “fetch” with limbs (whether attached or severed).

Slimy (1)
Like a worm or mollusk, you have skin or cooling system that secretes an oozing slime. It is easier to soak fire damage and it is more difficult for opponents to grab you.

Tough Hide (2pt)
Thick, leathery skin or hardened metal envelops you. Easier to soak damage.

True Love: (1pt)
You have discovered, but may have lost (at least temporarily) a true love. Nonetheless, this love provides joy in a torrid existence usually devoid of such enlightened emotions. Whenever you are suffering, in danger or dejected, the thought of your true love is enough to give you the strength to persevere. However, your true love may also be a hindrance, and require aid (or even rescue) from time to time. Be forewarned: this is a most exacting Merit.

Unobtrusive ( 2pt )
You are not a very noticeable person, gain a modifier to stealth and awareness rolls when doing a mundane task such as clearing a table, reading a book, or a mundane desk job.

Useful Knowledge (1)
You have expertise in a specific field that makes your conversation intriguing.


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